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Welcome to PT of The City

Where experience meets knowledge

Our Vision

“Better health and well-being for everyone, now and for future generations. To establish PT of The City as one of the leading physical therapy providers in the USA by being the premier choice with utmost integrity, trust, and respect for our valued patients.”

Our Mission

“To prepare the best plan of care based on the patient’s unique needs and provide exceptional physical therapy treatment with deep understanding and sincere diligence.”

Our Core Values

Integrity: We are honest and have strong moral principles. We behave ethically and do the right thing, even behind closed doors.

Ownership: We take initiative and are responsible for the growth and success of our team and organization.

Reliability: We are more resilient as an organization because of our consistency. We work together more effectively as a team. We value efficiency to grow and thrive as an organization.

Compassion: We understand what others are going through, we empathize with them, and we show them that we love and care for them. We selflessly want to do things to help them.

Uniqueness: Our approach is unique and engaging. We strive to offer one-of-a-kind value.

Fun: We enjoy our work. We work hard and play hard too!

Our story

Our story of success started with Dr. Mahmoud`s simple dream of being the best physical therapy clinic in town. It grew over the years into a dream that came true with the establishment of the PT of the city in 2020. We reached 14 locations in a few years, all over New York, with the dedication of our partners and team and the trust of our patients.

And to more success, we go.

We offer you a treatment plan specialized for each case to achieve the most effective results.

You will be given detailed information about the nature of the case and injury, the treatment plan, tools, and devices you will use, as well as the expected outcome from the treatment.

Our main concern is your comfort and wellness. You will be treated with the most recent evidence guidelines and the most advanced tools, techniques, and devices that will help you reach the treatment goal in the most convenient way and in the shortest duration of time.