Dr Abdelhamed Khalifa

Abdelhamed Khalifa believes that physical therapy is a combination of an art, a science, and a practice. That’s why he provides one-to-one patient care focusing on the goals set by his patients and tailors an individualized rehab program based on their needs. Therefore, his treatment style is a blend of manual therapy, motor control training, and traditional strength principles to achieve the best results.He treats a range of conditions including ligament sprains, muscle strains, fractures, degenerative joint disease of the spine, arthritis and disorders of the joints, sports related injuries and rehabilitation after surgeries, foot deformity and malalignment, scoliosis, vertigo, post-stroke rehabilitation, and cerebral palsy.Dr. Khalifa is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of medical care with compassion that puts patients at ease and comfort, highly informative, pleasant, and as painless as possible.

Khalifa is devoted to staying current in cutting edge scientific advances through continuing education. First, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy at October 6 University in 2010. Then, he completed his Postgraduate Master’s Degree, Ph.D. studies in Orthopedic and Sports Injuries Physical Therapy in 2013, 2017 respectively. Finally, he got his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Touro College in 2021.

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