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Lymphedema Treatment

Case Study Information

  • Patient name : A A
  • Category : Lymphedema
  • Recovery time :After just the first treatment the patient able to spread her toes.

Case One

Miss A A came into  PT Of The City ( physical Therapy Clinic ) with pain, numbness and tingling on the side of the left foot.

The patient had an x-ray done which showed a stress fracture and an MRI that showed neurogenic inflammation.
The patient was given a cast to wear for 3 weeks.
The patient reported that she did not have any pain while wearing the cast but after it was removed she began feeling numbness and tingling.

After performing an extensive examination the physical therapist ruled in a possible dx of lumbar radiculopathy at the S1 nerve root.

The patient presented with decreased sensation, myotomal weakness, and decreased reflexes at S1.
The patient also had decreased ROM and could not spread or move the toes.

For the treatment the physical therapist focused on McKenzie based exercises to centralize the patients pain.

The physical therapist also performed spine mobilizations which helped decrease the numbness and tingling.

After just the first treatment the patient didn’t feel any numbness and tingling and was able to spread her toes.

Note :

Lymphedema is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to your lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment or other diseases , learn more from here

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