Gait Training

Gait Training

Gait training involves a set of exercises that are specifically implemented by your physical therapist to help you walk better.


It aims to improve mobility, strength, and balance, limiting the wrong pattern of your walking.


Who can benefit from gait training?


Your doctor may recommend gait training if you’ve lost your ability to walk due to an injury, illness, or other health condition. For example, the following conditions can lead to difficulties with walking:


  • Spinal cord injuries


  • Broken legs or pelvis


  • Joint injuries or replacements


  • Lower limb amputations


  • Strokes or neurological disorders


  • Muscular dystrophy or other musculoskeletal disorders


  • Children who require gait training often have brain injuries, neurological disorders, or musculoskeletal issues



How does gait training help?


  • Strengthen your muscles and joints.


  • Improve your balance and posture.


  • Build your endurance.


  • Develop your muscle memory.


  • Retrain your legs for repetitive motion.


  • Lower your risk of falling while increasing your mobility.