Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema treatment will simply help your lymphatic system restore its normal lymphatic drainage through physical therapy that aids the muscles involved in the lymphatic drainage in regaining their tone and strength.


Lymphedema treatment includes exercises that include flexibility and stretching exercises, strength training, and aerobic exercise that uses the upper body, helping with weight loss and encouraging deep breathing, which in turn helps lymph move along. We also use bandaging according to the recent evidence guidelines as well as massage specific for lymphedema.



Our clinic also provides compression therapy using the most advanced machines. If you need immediate diagnosis and help with your condition.


Therapists will also teach you different techniques to help relieve your pain and swelling, such as:


Manual lymph drainage. Therapists trained in this massage-like technique use very light pressure to move the trapped fluid in the swollen limb toward an area with working lymph vessels. People should avoid manual lymph drainage if they have a skin infection or blood clots.



Compression bandages.

Using low-stretch bandages to wrap the entire limb encourages lymph fluid to flow back toward the trunk of the body.



Compression garments.

Close-fitting elastic sleeves or stockings can compress the arm or leg to encourage lymphatic drainage. These garments often require a prescription to ensure that the proper amount of compression is used. You may need to be measured by a professional to ensure a proper fit.





Sequential pneumatic compression.


A sleeve worn over the affected arm or leg connects to a pump that intermittently inflates the sleeve, putting pressure on the limb and moving lymph fluid away from the fingers or toes.