Ma. Mikka E. Sayon

Ma. Mikka E. Sayon is a foreign-trained physical therapist from The Philippines who earned her
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Riverside College, Inc. She has been practicing
her degree since 2019 in her home country and secured her license in the United States last year.
She has attended various seminars and training in The Philippines, including Posterior Pelvic
Girdle Pain and Dysfunction: Lumbar, Sacroiliac or Hip Pain Professional Issues Form Forum,
BRAIN: Bridging Reason and Abstract In Neurology (Left BRAIN Post-Graduate Course),
BRAIN: Bridging Reason and Abstract In Neurology (Right BRAIN Lay Forum), LEAD in the
Rehab Decade: LEvel up to prevent and Address Disabilities, Let’s Play! : Sports, Performance,
and Rehabilitation, and Stroke in Women.
Her recent focus has been on pain management and post-stroke rehabilitation. Currently, she is
taking online courses to broaden her scope in the field. In her free time, she enjoys spending time
with friends and family, traveling, reading novels, working out, and exploring new
food—whether she's cooking them herself or trying them at new places!

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