Vaude Ville Monleon

Vaude Ville is a licensed Physical Therapist at PT of the City with 5 years of experience helping patient with appropriate therapeutic treatments. Specializing in Musculoskeletal. Vaude uses that experience to provide quality care for patients in a long-term basis. By focusing on restoring physical health, quality of life and overall wellness to the patient, while minimizing the risk of injury or illness in the future are what matters most for her professionally. Vaude has been able to put the Physical Therapist degree she earned at Iloilo Doctors College
to good use. Over the years, her strengths at Iloilo Doctors College has garnered notable
recognition by being the Best Intern of her class during her graduation.
Vaude may spend her days at PT of the City, but it’s with helping people, fitness, healthcare,
anatomy and much more that gets her up in the morning. When she’s not at the clinic, Vaude is
an avid Katy Perry fan and a Swifty. She loves spending time watching Kdrama’s and eating

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